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What is woodcraft

What is Woodcraft?

Woodcraft is a philosophy of life, a different approach to the outer world and a method of creating a personal inner world.

Recreation, conservation, and the development of avocation are its goals. It stresses outdoor life and activity.

Woodcraft is not just working with wood, it’s living in the woods or any natural environment with joy, safety, and comfort.

As we were researching the folks who really put together the idea of living in the woods for fun and for personal development, we came across an amazing man. His name is Ernest Thompson Seton. Beginning in the 1800’s, with his love of the outdoors and his skill as a naturalist and an artist, he developed a way of learning about the wilderness and a way of learning about ourselves in the process. He called it the Woodcraft Way.

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About Ernest Thompson Seton

Seton (“the Chief ”) AKA ”Black Wolf ” was an award winning wildlife illustrator and naturalist who was also a spell-binding storyteller and lecturer, a best selling author of animal stories, expert with Native American Sign language and early supporter of the political, cultural and spiritual rights of native people in Canada and the United States. He was instrumental in starting the Boy Scouts, and wrote a lot of their handbook material. He lived from 1860 to 1946.

There are 12 principles of the Woodcraft Way. There are outlined and expanded in the the books of Ernest Thompson as well as at The Ernest Thompson Seton Pages.

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Learn and live the Woodcraft Way
Get in touch with you but touching nature
Fully experience the Natural Beauty
Try and live like a Mountian Man