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Spirit Lake Lodge

The Lodge

Spirit Lake Lodge was established in 1936 during the golden era of camping. The original materials for the first cabin, including a wood burning cook stove, were ferried across the lake before there was a road into the lodge site. The lodge and the cabins are the original buildings which have been preserved and are being restored in order to maintain this historical site. It is a true wilderness lodge, with no electricity to the cabins. We furnish lanterns to provide light either battery powered or for an authentic historical experience, kerosene. Each cabin is equipped with a wood burning stove. We also furnish split wood for the stove. Each cabin has an outdoor deck with deck furniture and its own fire pit for roasting marshmallows.

Spirit Lake Lodge is a true digital detox resort. Cell phones do not work here. (We have a mountain phone for emergencies.) There is no internet access or electricity to charge or power your devices. It is a chance to disconnect with the cyber world and re-connect with your family, friends, and nature. Enjoy fishing, bird watching, hiking or strolling through the forest, or playing board games with your family. It is a chance to renew relationships in the healing, healthy alpine atmosphere and marvel at the stars in the night sky.

DevideWe plan to add horse rides in the summer of 2014 Devide

Services at the lodge include a small store for needed camping supplies and ice cream bars; rowboat, paddle boat, and canoe rentals; and a restaurant which is open for three meals a day Thursday through Sunday.

Each cabin will receive a bundle of wood per day for the indoor stove, additional wood may be purchased at $2.00 per bundle.

The Spirit Lake Lodge Store will have additional supplies available for purchase such as: Bear Mace, Bug Spray, Sun Block, Fishing supplies, Charcoal, matches, ice cream bars, candy, etc...

Cabin Supplies

Extra Sleeping cot: $10.00 per day
Coleman or butane stoves: $15.00 per day
Small charcoal grill: $10.00 per day (must provide your own charcoal)

Bar Stools Lanterns Restraunt
Stop in at our Lodge Store
Enjoy the Ol'Corral Horse Rides
Share a Meal at our Restruant
Relax at your cabin's wood stove