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Spirit Lake

The Lake

The Lake has a serene quality that simply has to be experienced to understand. In the past the lake was used as a meeting spot for peace talks among Native American tribes. The peacefulness remains, giving Spirit Lake a unique atmosphere which touches the soul. The breath-taking views and tranquil spirit of the lake will stay with you for a lifetime.

Spirit Lake has been designated as a site for the restoration of the native Cutthroat Trout (as have Jessen and Tamarack Lakes) and this fishing season we will have the lake stocked with Cutthroats. Fishing has always been great at Spirit Lake, and with this new preservation effort by the Utah Fish and Game, it will only get better.

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The Lodge has rowboats, paddle boats, and canoe rentals as well as bug spray, sun block, and fishing supplies for sale.

Water Crafts

Canoe: $10.00 per hour $20.00 1/2 day (4 hrs) $35.00 full day (8 hrs)
Row boat: $15.00 per hour $25.00 1/2 day (4 hrs) $40.00 full day (8 hrs)
Paddle boat: $10.00 per hour $20.00 1/2 day (4 hrs) $35.00 full day (8 hrs)


Fishing poles: $10.00 half day (4 hrs) $20.00 full day (8 hrs)
(Fishing license required. Includes hook, bob & line)
Bar Stools Lanterns Restraunt
Explore the Lake Rent a Canoe
Splash around on a Paddleboat
Relax and enjoy the Fishing dock
Sxperience the serenity of Spirit Lake