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About Spirit Lake

Spirit Lake Lodge has been a favorite spot for family reunions, Girls Camps, Scout outings, and Youth Conferences as well as families, friends and couples for the past 78 years. As we have listened to some of the great stories folks have told us about several generations of families who have come to the lodge, we have come to appreciate the way this special area effects those who come here. Some families have come every year for 35 or more years, and the lodge has seen children grow, get married, and bring their own children here. In fact, we would love to hear your "Spirit Lake Lodge Story." Please email us and tell us how Spirit Lake Lodge has been a part of your family's history. And if you want, we will post your story on this web site. (You will have to give us permission, of course.)

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Spirit Lake Lodge is located about 44 miles west of Dutch John or 33 miles southwest of Manilla, Utah, and about 60 miles southeast of Fort Bridger, Wyoming. From the Dutch John/Manilla way, there is about 21 miles of good gravel road. From the Fort Bridger side there is about 13 miles of good gravel road. The gravel road can be easily accessed by a normal car, no special vehicle is needed.

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